• Size: Murray Grey bulls will usually weigh 1800-2500 lbs; cows normally weigh 1000-1400 lbs. They are a true medium-framed animal that can maintain body condition easily.

• Polled: Murray Greys are naturally polled and take the horns off crossbred calves, and will add milk to your herd.

• Calving Ease: The calves are small and quick to their feet. They grow quickly and are adaptable to all climates. Many commercial producers buy a Murray bull to use on first calf heifers and are pleased enough with the results to use the bull on all their herd.

• Docile: Murray Greys are calm to work with and are known as the "gentle builders of beef". Their good nature is especially important to part-time producers; ease of handling saves time, money, and temper!

• color: The hair color ranges from very light silver to chocolate or dun grey; some animals are even black but the majority are silver to a silvery-khaki color. Their skin has a dark pigmentation, which helps prevent cancer eye.

• Feed conversion: Moderate frame size with excellent feed conversion and will marble on grass.

• Murray Greys have started to win carcass competitions at the Calgary Stampede in Canada, to include the top prize in 2004.

• Adaptability: Murray Greys and their crosses can be found producing from Canada to South America.

Owners: Michael and LeeAnn Springer
11330 Blue Ball Road
Gravelly, Arkansas 72838

Home Phone: 479-299-4720 • Cell Phone: 501-517-0177

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